What we do.

Consulting in the field of continuum-mechanical and computational solutions (theory and application).

Distribution of PANDAS, a finite-element solver for coupled PDE in continuum mechanics. 

Teaching courses for industrial and academic partners in the field of continuum mechanics, material theory,
numerical methods and FE-based simulation techniques.

Typical problems that we have recently been working on:

Geotechnical Engineering: Foundation issues, such as coupled problems in saturated and partially saturated soil and rock
(consolidation, stability issues, such as shear banding, hydraulic fracturing, fluid flow in dams and embankments, …)

Mechanical Engineering: Dynamics of seat cushions and passenger safety, VARTM, …

Biomechanical Engineering: Loading and damage of intervertebral discs, nutrient and medication transport in bio-tissues,
brain-tumour treatment, …




PDE: Partial Differential Equations
FE: Finite Element
VARTM: Vaccum-Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding