What is PANDAS?

PANDAS is a FE solver for continuum-mechanical problems.
PANDAS has been designed in the early 90th of the last century and has been continuously developed since then.

PANDAS is a solver for volumetrically coupled multi-field problems.
The basis version of PANDAS can be used as a stand-alone tool.

PANDAS versions are available that can be coupled to commercial and open-source solvers,
such that FE formulations and material models defined in PANDAS can be used in foreign solvers.
Actually, PANDAS can be coupled to Abaqus (implicit und explicit), LS-DYNA (implicit und explicit) and DUNE.

PANDAS and its includable material properties:
Solids (porous and non-porous): infinitesimal and finite deformations,
elastic, plastic und viscous properties (combinable), consideration of temperature variations.
Pore fluids (liquids and/or gases): compressible and incompressible material behaviour, viscous and non-viscous

material properties, temperature variations, phase transformations, integration of fluid mixtures.


PANDAS: Porous media adaptive non-linear finite element solver based on differential algebraic equations
FE: Finite Element
DUNE: Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment